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Mac OSX 10.1 Mail

To configure your computer running Mac Mail, follow the step-by-step procedure below.


Close any programs you have open.

Locate the Mail icon on the dock.


Click the Mail icon to launch the program.

Locate the Mail menu once the Mail program has finished loading.


Click the Mail Menu then click Preferences...

The Mail Preferences dialog box will appear.


Click Create Account to configure your system for Hotkey Email.

The Account Information dialog box will appear, locate the Account Type pull down menu.


From the pulldown menu, select POP Account.

As shown below the Account Type has changed to POP.


Type Hotkey Mail in the Description field followed by your Email Address. In the Full Name field type your name as you would like recipient's to see it when they receive an Email from yourself.

In the Host name field type pop.hotkey.net.au followed by your complete email address in the User name field and then your Password. Next type smtp.hotkey.net.au in the SMTP Host field.

Select the Account Options tab.


Place a tick in Enable this account, Include this account when checking for new mail and Delete messages on the server after downloading. Click OK to continue.

The Mail Preferences dialog box will appear.


Locate the left top corner of the dialog box, then click the red dot to close the configuration page.

Mac Mail is now configured and ready for use.

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