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To configure your computer running Incredimail, follow the step-by-step procedure below.

Close any programs you have open.

Open Incredimail

The Incredimail program will load and show a dialog box similar to the one shown below.

Click on the Tools menu, then click on Accounts

The Mail Accounts dialog box will appear as shown below.

Click Add to create a new account

Step 1 of the account wizard will appear.

Use the left mouse button to place a dot in Let me configure settings myself, then click Next.

Step 2 of the Account wizard will appear.

In the Your name is field, enter your name, then proceed to the Email Address field and type in the email address provided to you by Hotkey.

Step 3 of the Account wizard will appear.

In the My incoming mail server pulldown menu, select POP3. Then continue to the Incoming mail server field and type in pop.hotkey.net.au. For the Outgoing mail server field type in smtp.hotkey.net.au

The last step of the Account wizard will appear.

Click OK to complete the configuration.

The Mail Accounts dialog will now appear again with the Hotkey account listed.

Click Close.

You should now close then reopen Incredimail, your email is now configured.
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