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Mac 10.4 Dial Up Setup


Below is manual configuration guide for Mac OSX 10.4 to connect to the Hotkey Dialup Service.


Close any programs you have open.

Locate the Apple menu in the top left hand corner.



Click Apple then System Preferences...



The System Preferences dialog box will appear.



Click Network.


Locate the Location pull down menu located at the top of the dialog box.



Select New Location.



The Name your new location dialog box will appear.



Type in Hotkey Dialup then click OK.



Locate the Show pull down menu.



Select Internal Modem from the pull down menu.



The Hotkey Dialup configuration dialog box will now appear.



Type Hotkey in the Service Provider field followed by your Account Name (complete email address) and Password making sure these match the details provided to you by Hotkey. In the Telephone Number field type 0198380000. Place a tick in Save password then click PPP Options.



The PPP options dialog box will appear.



Place a tick in Connect automatically when needed, Disconnect when user logs out and Use TCP header compression. All other boxes should be unticked. Click OK to continue.



Click the Modem tab as shown below.



Place a tick in Enable error correction and compression in modem, Wait for dial tone before dialing and Show modem status in menu bar. Next set Dialing to Tone and Sound to On. From the Modem Pull down menu, select Apple Internal 56k Modem (v.92).

NOTE: The modem type may differ on selected computers, please check with your computer supplier if you are unsure.



Click Apply Now located in the bottom right hand corner of the dialog box, then close the Network configurations dialog by clicking the red dot in the top left hand corner.



Your computer is now configured and ready to surf the Net.

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