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Windows 98 Dial Up Setup


Below is manual configuration guide for Windows 98 SE to connect to the Hotkey Dialup Service.


Close any programs you have open.


On the desktop locate the "My Computer" icon as shown below.



Double click My Computer with the left mouse button



The My Computer dialog box will appear.



Double click the left mouse button on Dial Up Networking



The Dial Up Networking wizard will appear on screen as shown below. If this dialog does not appear, double click the Make a New Connection icon on the dialog that will appear.



Click Next to continue



The Connection Name and Select a Device dialog box will appear.



For the name of the computer you are dialing, type in Hotkey Internet then make sure your modem is selected under "Select a device". Click Next to continue



The Connection Phone Number dialog will appear.



Leave the Area code field blank, then in the Telephone number field enter 0198380000. The Country or region code must be set to Australia (61). Click Next to continue



The Make New Connection completion dialog will appear.



Click Finish



The Dial-Up Networking connection dialog will appear.



Right click the mouse once on Hotkey Internet, the dialog box as shown below will appear.



Next left click the mouse button on Properties.



The Connection Properties dialog will appear.



Untick the box Use area code and Dialing Properties, then click the Server Types tab at the top of the window.


The Connection Specifications window will appear.


On this window only Enable software compression and TCP/IP should be ticked as shown above then click OK.



You will now be returned to the Dial-Up Networking connections window.



Right click Hotkey Internet, then click on Create Shortcut as shown below.



A window will appear to confirm creating a shortcut on the desktop, click YES to accept.

Configuration of your dialup connection is now complete

A Hotkey Internet shortcut is now located on your desktop.
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