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What is a Virus

Viruses are computer programs with the sole purpose of destroying data on your computer. The virus may only destroy unimportant files, or it may decide to erase all of your document files. A virus can cause an infected computer to do funny things on certain dates, as well as issue serious commands such as erasing your Registry file, thus disabling the operation and booting up of computers.

Viruses are spread through executable files we either get from friends, download off the net, or install through a floppy disk. A virus will often come disguised under the cloak of a Trojan, which is the carrier for the virus.

How serious is a virus?

Viruses are the most common form of computer infection. They range from being inconvenient (ie slowing down your computer response time) to very harmful (where a format of the computer would be the only way to remove it).

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