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General ADSL Support

If your Internet connection stops working, it can be quite a frustrating experience working out what went wrong and how to go about fixing it. As always the Hotkey tech support team are here to help out, but here's a list of the most common problems and fixes you can try to get your connection up and running again.

For a more in-depth overview of problems with broadband, see our ADSL troubleshooting guide. Some of the material covered is the same as below, but in more detail and with more suggestions and steps to try.


The number one fix for all Internet problems. Try turning everything off (ADSL modem, computer, router if you have one) for 30 seconds and turn it all back on again. Wait a few minutes for your equipment to start up again, then see if you can browse the web and check your e-mail.

What works and what doesn't?

Try all of your usual programs that connect to the Internet. If something is still working OK, chances are it's your computer rather than your connection. Do you have anti-virus, personal firewall or Internet security software? Try disabling it.

If nothing at all works, read on:

DNS Problem?

Try going to in your web browser - this should load the Hotkey website. If that works but http://www2.hotkey.net.au/ doesn't, then your Internet connection is working OK - you just need to make some changes to your DNS settings. See our guides for Windows XP and Mac OSX.

Changed your password or plan recently?

If you've changed your ADSL plan or password in the last 24-48 hours, chances are your ADSL modem or router has the wrong username and/or password and that's why you can't connect. If you have, check out our modem guides to see if we've got a guide to configuring your modem.

Any late or overdue bills?

Our accounts system may have locked you out of your ADSL service if there are bills that are overdue or have been paid late. Our customer service team can assist you with resolving billing problems and getting you back 'on-air'. 

Has anything changed?

Have you moved anything around? Does all the cabling still look OK? Connected a new phone (does it have an ADSL line filter)? Moved the computer (is everything plugged in)?

Are any lights different?

Have a look at your modem. Do all the lights look OK? You've probably noticed what it looks like when everything is working - is anything different now? Check our in-depth ADSL troubleshooting guide for advice, or check your modems' manual.

Have you reset your modem?

Pressed the reset pinhole on the back panel of your modem? You'll need to set the modem up again - check our modem guides section to see if we've got your modem covered. Generally we'd recommend against resetting your modem unless it's absolutely necessary.

Backup dialup?

A feature of Hotkey broadband accounts is that they can also be used as a dialup account when the broadband is turned off or isn't working. If you're confident in setting this up, all you need is your username, password and the dialup number (0198380000, no area code). We've also got complete walkthroughs (for Windows and Mac) if you would like more assistance.

Problems in your area?

If everything at your end looks OK, there could be a problem in your area. If you call the tech support line on 1300 468 539, we will generally have any wide-scale outages on the message-on-hold system.

When did the problem start? Anything else you've noticed?

If you need to call our tech support team, please note down details of your problem (when did it start? what has changed since it last worked? is there anything you've noticed that could be relevant? any error messages?) - this way we'll be able to get to the cause of the problem (and fix it!) faster.

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